Special Needs Grandparents are Special, Too

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Brielle’s Special Needs Grandparents We’ve never lived closer than over three hours away for our kids’ grandparents. We’ve done the best we could over the years, but it’s certainly been a challenge. From Chaphter 24: “Friends and Other Strangers” of my book, Brielle and Me: Our Journey with Cytomegalovirus and Cerbral Palsy: Family as Friends […]

High School IEP Meeting

High School IEP Meeting

The Dreaded IEP Meeting It’s the thing that strikes fear anxiety into the hearts of special needs parents everywhere. Your special needs child brings home that letter announcing the date and time of their annual IEP meeting… <cue the dramatic music> ..and BAM! Your heart starts racing. For us, the letter came a few weeks […]

Hiatus Over: Welcome Back Inspiration and Focus

Dear Readers

My Hiatus Is Over What? You didn’t know I was on hiatus? Yep. I was. Since the end of May. It wasn’t exactly planned. It was one of those… Oh-my-goodness-I’m-so-overwhelmed-and-my-heart-is-not-in-this… moments. After all of the work doing final edits, publishing, and marketing my book, Brielle and Me: Our Journey With Cytomegalovirus and Cerebral Palsy, I […]

View from an Adult with Disabilities

Guest Post - DisabilityThinking

  The Road Ahead… One of the things I always hoped for was someone who was a few steps ahead of me on this journey parenting a special needs child. I really only had one friend with a child a few years older than Brielle. Although she was helpful, I really wanted to know more […]

Why My Book Is NOT a “How To”

How To Book

  Not a “How To” My book was never intended to be a memoir let alone a “how to” book. When I first sat down to write in 2006, it was actually a novel. I had the first draft 75% written before a friend from my writing group asked me, “Why are you trying to […]

Six Things I Miss About Living in Texas


  Why I Miss Living in Texas My husband and I grew up in central Illinois. We met as teenagers and married in our early 20s. Over the course of our 24-year marriage, we’ve lived in six cities in five different states. The only state that truly captured our hearts was when we were living […]

12 Things Every Special Needs Parents Should Do

Should Do

  Special Needs Parents Should…. There are things I wish I knew about years ago. Things I wish someone had told me about. It all boils down to twelve things special needs parents should do. Read my post over at DifferentDream to find out what I think the top twelve things are!   Click HERE […]

Attention All Special Needs Parenting Bloggers

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  Looking for some support for special needs parenting bloggers? Any special needs parenting bloggers out there??? I’ve been asked by an “acquaintance” to be an administrator of a Facebook group for special needs parenting bloggers. I’ve revamped it completely and hoping it will become a real community.     We’ll be sharing: general blogging […]

The Best Gift Ever


  Mother’s Day and The Best Gift Ever Our family had a really special Mother’s Day despite Ashley having to work all day until late in the afternoon. After church and a few pictures, Brian, Brielle, and I took a picnic lunch to a nice park. We relaxed under a gazebo by a little pond […]

For the Special Needs Mom on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day2

Dear Special Needs Mom*… Mother’s Day was designed 100 years ago to celebrate moms. But, I understand that you may not spend every moment of your Mother’s Day joyful. Part of you may be saddened by what your child cannot do for you on this special day.   Your child might not be able to… […]