Famous Special Needs Moms

Famous Special Needs Moms

Are there any famous special needs moms out there? At times, it seems as though we “know” many famous people. We’re so inundated with media that the number seems fairly significant. But, if you stop to think about it (and some people have really tried to figure this out), a very small percentage of people […]

Good Therapists for Special Needs Children

Therapists for special needs child

  Therapists for Special Needs Children Being a special needs child’s therapist is a unique experience. They have the potential to make a huge difference in the life of a special needs child. What makes a really good pediatric developmental therapist? Colleges teach future therapists for special needs children lots of things.  The technical knowledge […]

Dogs and Special Needs Children

Cooper - Dogs and Special Needs Children - Title

  It’s a Dog’s Life My name is Cooper. I’m a  Miniature Schnauzer and particularly handsome because I’m all white. My humans were once worried about dogs and special needs children (because one of their human pups has special needs), but they didn’t have to worry. I’m a good dog. I have a great life. […]

Being a Special Needs Grandparent

Therapist and special needs children

  What is it like to be a special needs grandparent? It’s so complicated. It is… …hard …wonderful …sad …joyful …emotional …trying …difficult ….rewarding ….so many things It is an entire range of emotions. Emotions felt not only for my grandchild, but also for my own child who bore my grandchild. Would I wish Brielle hadn’t been born? […]

Special Needs Moms and the Superhero Myth

Guest Post - Beautiful In His Time

Are you special? Or just like other moms? There seems to be two opposing messages out there in the special needs community. Which do you believe in? 1. The Special Needs Mom Super Hero Myth; or 2. The Belonging Myth     Have you considered YOUR role in perpetuating these?   Check out the full […]

Good Things About Being a Special Needs Mom

Good Things About Being a Special Needs Mom

I Am a Special Needs Mom …And It’s Not All Bad Huh? There’s good things about being a special needs parent??? Yep. There are. Probably even a few things that might surprise you if you aren’t a “member of the club.”   Before you peek…. What are you guessing I put on the list? handicapped […]

Your Special Needs Child’s Private Parts

Special Needs Child's Private Parts

It’s Time to Talk About Your Special Needs Child’s Private Parts No one talks about it. No one wants to even write about it. But, I’m going to be bold and do it here. So, brace yourself….. (In the end, although there are few unique circumstances to consider for the special needs child, it’s basically the same […]

My Wish for My Special Needs Child

My Wish

  My Wish for My Special Needs Child I wished… …for a healthy pregnancy. …for a healthy baby. …for a baby that was calm and easy-going. …for a special bonding experience breastfeeding my baby. …for a toddler that learned to walk with ease. …for a toddler that learned to talk with ease and clarity. …for […]

Marriage With A Special Needs Child

BK kiss on bench - Married

Marriage With a Special Needs Child Does Not Always Mean a Struggle Half of all marriages will fail. Marriages with additional challenges, such as a special needs child, are even more likely to fail. Brian and I have been married for over 24 years. Sometimes it seems like we’ve been together forever. Other times, it […]

The Failure of Special Needs Equipment

Special Needs Equipment

  Special Needs Equipment Required When you have a special needs child, you’re destined to have special needs equipment. Special cups, utensils, writing tools, scissors, zipper pulls, car seats, positioning chairs, bathing chairs, wheelchairs. We’ve certainly had our share. Some have been very useful, eased our care for Brielle, and improved her quality of life. Others… not so […]