Found: Purpose and Joy

Our Land - Found-Purpose and Joy

  We Had Plans, But… That was before CMV invaded our lives and caused our second born daughter, Brielle, to live her life with cerebral palsy. Through the process of coming to terms with my new role as a special needs mother, I landed on my purpose and found true joy. I am so excited […]

Warnings, Advice, and Encouragement for My Younger Self

Back in time

  To My Younger Self… Oh, the warnings, advice, and encouragement I’d want to give my younger self if I could turn back time. What would I tell my younger self? Hmmm…a lot! The question is…Would she listen?  The Warnings I wrote about the warnings I’d give my younger self in my book, Brielle and […]

The Evolving Nature of Developmental Therapy

Therapy - New Ways Title

  Changes in Developmental Therapy Parents run their special needs child from one therapy appointment to another when the child is little. But, that changes over time. New activities provide just as many benefits as formal therapy appointments and give the child and the parents new experiences. For the rest of the story, read my […]

Recording Milestones for the Special Needs Child

Milestones Title

  Missed Milestones, Painful reminders When our firstborn daughter was born, checking charts in parenting books and recording milestones in her baby book was a joy. For Brielle, parenting books and the many blanks in her baby book were simply painful reminders of missed milestones for the special needs child in our lives. From Chapter […]

Book Signing Event

Book - FoxTale Event Title

  My First Book Signing Event I was thrilled to be invited by a local book store to join an authors’ book signing event. Little ole me! FoxTale Book Shoppe is a small, but amazing bookstore nestled in the downtown area of our town north of Atlanta. It was voted the best bookstore in the […]

Becoming a Special Needs Empty Nester

Empty Nester

When my mother became an empty nester I was 20 years old and had just finished getting my Bachelor’s degree. Although I hadn’t lived “at home” for the previous two years, it was the week before my wedding when I packed the last of my things and moved them and the things from my apartment […]

Talk to Your Special Needs Child About Tough Stuff

Talk to Your SN Child

  Have you talked to your special needs child about the tough topics?  stranger danger bullying peer pressure appropriate touch body image racism/prejudice puberty sex masturbation homosexuality smoking alcohol drugs death suicide divorce criminals/prison events in the news (even tragedies) job loss your family’s finances (and what it means to them) your child’s own disability […]

Lessons in Generosity… Concerts of a Lifetime

Generous Stranger

The Gift From a Stranger We learned about generosity in the most memorable way. It all started one January day when Brielle and I were in the waiting area at our local car dealership while my vehicle was getting a minor repair. An unassuming man in a baseball cap approached us and offered us tickets […]

Help Your Special Needs Child Fit In

Fitting In

  Do you worry that your special needs child doesn’t fit in? There are so many things that can make you feel like your special needs child doesn’t fit in with typical peers. We might not be able to much about a lot of things, but there are a few things we can do. It’s […]

You Can Be an Author… Self-Publishing


  I Did It! You Can Do It, too! Five years ago, I stared at a blank computer page. A month ago, my book was published and I miraculously become a special needs parenting author by self-publishing. One of the things has surprised me is that so many other special needs parents have dreams of writing about […]