Guilty: Not a Fan


“You’re so unenthusiastic,” Brian chided me the other night.

Indeed I was quite unenthusiastic when he wanted me to be otherwise.

Guilty? Yep.

Apologetic? Nope.

 Olympic Flame


We had the Olympics on and I was paying no attention at all. My Kindle and laptop better captured my interest that evening.

It’s not that I don’t care about the Olympics. I do. But, as Brian later characterized me just last night, I’m indifferent. I’m Switzerland on the Olympics issue.


I get it. There’s a certain something special about the Olympics.

Honestly, I truly do enjoy the Olympics for…

the history of them, especially ancient times.

the hard work and talent it takes to get to that level of their sport. There’s no denying how huge that is.

the pageantry of the opening ceremonies, especially the lighting of the flame. The arrow shot at the cauldron at the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona = best ever.

…the non-traditional route that can lead to better political relationships between countries.

..the sense of pride when an American wins a medal or even just does their absolute best (and the agony of defeat when a mistake results in a loss).

..the background stories about some of the athletes, especially the one about skier Alex Bilodeau and his special needs brother.

….the way Special Olympics (and Paralympics) was inspired by the Olympics. Special Olympics bowling has been a wonderful activity for Brielle and I am truly grateful for that.



Then there are the things that lead me to be less than enthusiastic:

1. They are packed into two solid weeks. Every. Single. Night.

2. I love the Olympic theme song….the first two or three times I hear it. By the end of the two weeks, I loathe it.

3. Does there really need to be an “official ________” of the Olympics? (Insert whatever obscure food, hygiene product, or other service/product.) I know it’s expensive to train, equip, and send our athletes to the Olympics and this is one way to have sponsors. But, seriously? Some of the “official items of the Olympics” are really ridiculous.

4. The parade of countries in the opening ceremonies is just too dang long. I don’t have the patience, even when we “play games” like which country has the least/most athletes or which country has the best/worst outfits.

5. We typically never watch or pay any attention to most of the sports that are in the Olympics. Why does that all change every four years with the Olympics. Isn’t that being hypocritical?

6. News sources aren’t usually shy about reporting results BEFORE they air on television. Uh, hello? Could you give us a little “Spoiler Alert” warning?

7. The money spent on the entire thing (buildings/venues, events, training, etc.). What’s the payoff for society? Is there enough value from that? Could that money be put to better use?


I know I’m in the minority on this one and probably do not have a popular opinion at all. But, I can have my own opinion and others can have theirs.

I also realize this isn’t necessarily a special needs issue (which I usually stick to here). But, I just thought I’d share this timely subject about how I was found guilty.*

Yep. Not a huge Olympics fan. I’ll be watching, but I’ll also be catching up on my reading as well. I’m not anti-Olympics. It’s just not my thing.


*This is an edition of Friday Finish the Sentence #FTSF #IWasFoundGuilty . The sentence prompt this week was: “I was found guilty”


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- Finding Ninee #FTSF #IWasFoundGuilty


What are YOUR thoughts about the Olympics?


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  1. So not a fan for the most part either and the only thing I do watch during the two week winter Olympics is the Women’s Ice Skating, because that truly always holds my attention, but other then that not a fan either here and no you aren’t alone on this! :)
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Lyssa’s Crochet ~ A Young Girl’s Dream Come TrueMy Profile

  2. You know, it’s funny. I used to watch because everybody around me watched. These days though, I just can’t really watch TV without letting my son watch it (he’s too enthralled and would watch for hours between acting -maybe- out stuff and running laps in our house while making “his noise”) so we just don’t watch. Sure, we could, once he’s in bed but I’d much rather blog and read that you are not a fan, than watch. I haven’t seen any of the Olympics, but DO remember how powerful they have been in other lives of mine, and crying over losses and victories. I guess well, I don’t find you very guilty at all. Or, I do, but I am too.
    Kristi Campbell recently posted…The worst community service jobs everMy Profile

  3. I really like the Olympics, but I’m finding it hard to enjoy them this year. I could go on. I’m just glad I do have the channel that broadcasts it live so there’s no spoilers for me. I also get to watch events in their entirety instead of the heavily edited end result seen in prime time.
    Bianca @ Rant Rave Crave recently posted…Trying something newMy Profile

  4. I don’t think you should feel guilty. My husband has been watching faithfully while I sit on the couch with my laptop or my Kindle. I just finished watching Once Upon A Time! I can watch a little here and there but I’m not a fanatic. There are some interesting stories and some athletes I will watch but you are definitely not alone. Sound familiar? And more important, feel better?
    Sandy recently posted…I Was Found Guilty of Losing My Faith In HumanityMy Profile

  5. I relate! I’m really just not into the Olympics. Oh well, sue me! ;)
    Emily @ Words I Wheel By recently posted…It’s Words I Wheel By’s 6 Month Blogiversary! (And Other Big News!)My Profile

  6. I don’t pay any attention to them either. Actually your conversation is pretty much the same one Dave and I have had a few times in the last week or so. Last night…I was like “Why is that a sport?” on some of them. Bring back my shows!
    Sarah Kostusiak recently posted…Kids in the Kitchen: Froggy’s First Kiss Snack BagsMy Profile

  7. I haven’t watched any of the winter ones this time around, but when it comes to the summer ones, I am all in! Swimming is my sport and I am a fanatic!

    As always, nicely done on the post!
    Sarah recently posted…Valentine BabyMy Profile

    • Well…OK then! I’ll have to watch out for your blog posts in two years! (PS Although I enjoy watching swimming, I am SO not a personal fan of swimming.)

  8. I’m not a huge Olympics fan either… and for me it’s all the backstories that make it so annoying. I just wanna see them skate!!! I haven’t been watching much either….
    Sarah @ LeftBrainBuddha recently posted…{p.s. I love you…}My Profile

    • I also hate how they always wait until the end of the show each night to show the best of the best sports stuff….which is usually the skating stuff.

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