The Importance of Having a Medical ID


Last week, I shared the story about the car accident Brielle and I were in a few years ago. Thankfully, neither of us was hurt, nor anyone else in the incident.

When the police came to interview us, the officer asked me for our IDs. Brielle had just turned 15, but didn’t have one. She didn’t have any kind of identification with her at all.

At the officer’s prompting, we went out the very next week and got her a state ID.*

B State ID


But, a state ID isn’t enough for someone with Brielle’s disabilities.


If something had happened to me (or us), emergency personnel would have no idea that she has cerebral palsy, is allergic to an antibiotic, or uses sign language to communicate. Even if they could bring an interpreter to the scene (highly unlikely), she might not be in any condition to even sign. Frightening prospect.


We decided to get her a medical ID tag. 

Medical ID

There are so many options out there. There are many different brands to choose from. There are countless styles including necklaces and bracelets of every imaginable style for any age child or adult. There are even styles for those who won’t keep them on.

Prices are generally under $50 (some are under $10, although I found one made by Tiffany & Co for $2,900!).

Some brands include a subscription service. The service allows someone to call a toll free number, give the person’s personal ID number (both found on the tag), and receive detailed information about the person including medical history and emergency contact information of a loved one. This information can be updated at any time.

Medical ID Back

There are some high tech ones out there, even ones with  a QR code to scan if emergency personnel needs to access someone’s medical information. Check out the ones Michelle over at Trust Me, I’m a Mom recently reviewed!

My friend, Amy O., on my Facebook page pointed out that there are also shoe tags for those kiddos with sensory issues or kids who might remove their necklace or wrist ID tag. Also good for runners/joggers! Thanks for the tip, Amy!

Brielle wears her medical ID all of the time, even while sleeping. The only time she takes it off is when she takes a shower or when she’s swimming. At first, she was quite resistant about wearing it. She just doesn’t like jewelry. But, I explained it and she got over it. It’s discreet and yet still does what it needs to do.

Medical ID Wearing It

You cannot imagine the peace of mind this gives us. Sometimes it’s a simple thing that does that.


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If YOU have a special needs child, do you have a medical ID tag for him/her? If not, have you considered it?


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