Making Our Daughter Ours… Update #5


It’s been a long road getting guardianship of Brielle.

- Met with the attorney (and paid the $3,750 fees)

- The petition was filed with the court

- Received notice of the evaluation date

- Completed the court appointed evaluation and Brielle received notification of our petition via the sheriff

Guardianship - Checklist after evaluation


We’re on to the next step in the process since we received a letter from the probate court yesterday.

Guardianship - Notice of Evaluation Report

Brielle now has a court appointed attorney.

Guardianship - Attorney Appointed

We also received the evaluator’s report.

Guardianship - Evaluator Report

Geez. The wording they use in the evaluation report just stinks. I mean, I know and see reality with Brielle. But, nothing like seeing it that sort of wording.

…incapacitated by the reason of mental retardation and cerebral palsy.

…This condition will be life-long.

The next step is receiving notice of the court date. With Brielle’s birthday coming up later next week, clearly we’re not going to get final guardianship before she turns 18. But, we knew we started this process later than we should have. If only we had known.

Hint. Hint. If you need to get guardianship of your special needs child, start at least three months before he/she turns 18!

So, we continue to wait…..

Follow our continuing guardianship journey here!


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  1. Was Brielle excited when the Sherriff came to the house? I remember you mentioned something about it. I know, the wording sounds brutal and sarcastic, but I think it’s probably just the usual wording. I hope everything gets figured out soon! And an early Happy Birthday to Brielle!
    Stephanie @ Life, Unexpectedly recently posted…Questions To Free Your Mind 1 – 10My Profile

    • Thanks, Stephanie! It was a little anti-climactic when the sheriff gave her the papers, only because it happened at the courthouse when she had her evaluation done. Check out my post: There’s a picture of her with the sheriff (a girl cop!). Don’t get me wrong, she was excited. But, not having them come to the house was a bit of a bummer. This whole process is going as planned, just slow.

  2. This whole process still just baffles me. Too many silly hoops to jump through if you ask me. You made her, gave birth to her, and have loved her for 18 years, shouldn’t need more than that. Again, no one asked me.
    Sarah recently posted…*Heart Flutters* in the Midst of Freezing TempsMy Profile

    • I try to look at this whole thing as a big picture. What if it was Grandma my sister was trying to get guardianship of because she wanted to steal her money? What if it was my 20-something-year-old friend whose parents were trying to get custody of her because she was becoming increasingly mentally unstable? The laws are there to protect people’s freedoms and rights. I’m glad they are there. When we have to live by them and jump through their hoops, they are just a pain in the… well you know. Thanks for the support though, Sarah!


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