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For the Special Needs Mom on Mother’s Day

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Special Needs Mom at Mother's Day

Dear Special Needs Mom*…

Mother’s Day was designed 100 years ago to celebrate moms. But, I understand that you may not spend every moment of your Mother’s Day joyful. Part of you may be saddened by what your child cannot do for you on this special day.


Your child might not be able to…

…make a handmade card or craft project for you.

…pick flowers from the garden for you.

…tell you they love you.

…thank you for all you do for them.


Your child may never appreciate the time, energy, and effort you spend…

…taking care of their every physical need.

…taking them to endless therapy sessions and doctors’ appointments.

…enduring the horrible IEP meetings at school.

…researching new ways to improve their life.

…connecting with other special moms who might be able to provide insight.


Your child may never see you…

…endure the stares of strangers.

…ignore those who say they’ll never be able to do something.

…avoid the mother with the brand new perfect baby.

…cringe at the use the R-word.

…cry your eyes out until you have no more tears.

…fall into bed in utter exhaustion each evening.


Your child may never know how much…

…your back and muscles ache from lifting and carrying them.

…your heart aches from the lost dreams you once had for them.

…you stay awake at night worrying about them.

…your marriage is strained from the added burdens.

…you struggle to attend to balance the needs of your other children.

…you’ve given up for them.


 But, do not doubt for one single moment….

Your child knows…

…you are their mom.

…you love them.


Dear Special Needs Mom at Mother’s Day,

Know that you are not alone. There is a whole army of special needs moms going through the same thing you are. Today on Mother’s Day and every single day.

They all have children who know their moms and love them. Just like yours.


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* This is an edition of Finish the Sentence Friday (#FTSF). The writing prompt for this week was: “Dear Mom…”

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Happy Mother’s Day! Today and every day!


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23 thoughts on “For the Special Needs Mom on Mother’s Day”

  1. Kerith, I have no doubt that every child one way or another knows there mom and just how much their mom does love them. So, beautifully and perfectly said here tonight. Thanks for sharing and Happy Mother’s Day to you! 😉

  2. This is beautiful and perfect, Kerith! I love it and you’re so right that there is an army of us who understand. Who get that these lives of ours are full of joy and love but also broken dreams, strained relationships, and getting too many stares. Happy, happy Mother’s day, friend. I hope your day brings you some quiet time and laughter.

  3. HAHAHA Sorry, your post is beautiful but I chuckled over how our kiddos will never make us that mother’s day gift. I was teasing Boo’s aide just yesterday that I loved having all of the therapists art work covering my walls. Cause here’s the thing, those gifts are even more special because Boo’s team made them for me. They want us to have the celebration. Rather than a ‘here you go’ it’s testament to how much they love my child and our family.

    Happy Mother’s Day !

    1. Ya know, Kerri, I never thought of the gift thing that way. Maybe I should rethink those old gifts made at OT and speech therapy! Glad you shared that thought! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  4. What a wonderful picture of your daughter and you! It’s clear that she knows you love her, and that she loves you in return. In my book, that means you’ve succeeded as a Mother. The rest of the stuff is really fluff (a saying from my childhood). Congratulations on having such a wonderful relationship, as you obviously do, with your girl!

  5. I loved this. You really shared a piece of your heart with this one. I’m gonna go get your book. I’m sure people say things like, “It must be hard,” and part of me wants to say that. But I can’t. Because I have absolutely no idea. And I can’t pretend to know. What I can say though, is that Brielle is terribly lucky. To have a mom who shares her journey with joy, passion, honesty, and an unflinching love for her beautiful daughter. Thanks for sharing your heart. It has touched me.

    1. Thank you, Christina. I appreciate you saying you can’t pretend to know, but even more so that you’re willing to find out by reading more of our story! I hope you enjoy it and gain a new perspective on the lives of families with special needs children!

  6. I can shake my head in agreement to many of the things you listed. Thanks for standing with me and with all special needs moms everywhere!

  7. Kerith, you are so encouraging. Thank you for reminding moms of the importance of what they do for their children with special needs. And thanks for sharing this post at DifferentDream.com’s Tuesday special needs link share.

  8. Oh, Kerith, thank you!!! I spoke on Mother’s Day at my church and shared some of our story (and that I wanted to call my message “I hate Mother’s Day”) and it blew me away how many women hurt on that day. These words you’ve written here. . . I’m adding this to my read often file! Thank you. ((((hugs))))

    1. There’s part of Mother’s Day that certainly make me uncomfortable,too. But, there’s so much we do for so many kids out there, not just our own, that we can all celebrate this day with at least some small piece of joy, no matter what our personal circumstances are. Oh… And I wrote an encouraging letter to myself a few years ago. I keep it in my nightstand drawer. I actually have it on my calendar recurring each month on the 15th to read it again. I mark the date on the back so I have a running tally of the times I’ve read it. It helps keep me focused! (And helps me not to forget to re-read it!)

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